What's Included

  • 19 Videos

  • 9.0 hours

  • 4 docs to download

  • "VAPS certified" status

Whom This is For

This course is for

  • both users working with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS)
  • and partners who intend to resell the VAPS.

Although the course is a mandatory requirement for partners to achieve the "VAPS certified" status, it is made with the end-user in mind.

That way, you get up to speed with visual advanced production scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The lessons cover concepts and ideas, a wide range of functionality, use cases as well as scheduling best practices.

Don't forget to go to your VAPS installation after each learning segment and repeat exactly what you saw in each video segment. You will only learn by doing, not by watching. After completing the entire course, you can do your VAPS exam (partners must).

Course curriculum

  • 1

    01: Welcome and Introduction

    • How to make the most of this training

    • Welcome to the VAPS online course!

    • Checklist: welcome and introduction

    • The core concepts

    • Chapter 1 - Handout

    • Test your learning: 8 quick questions

  • 2

    02: Look & feel of the visual schedule

    • The time scale part

    • The table part

    • The graphical part 1/3 - bars, lines, tooltips

    • The graphical part 2/3 - colors

    • The graphical part 3/3 - links and symbols

    • Test your learning: 6 quick questions

  • 3

    03: Setting up the VAPS

    • How to customize the tooltip

    • How to define color schemes (and what they actually mean)

    • Which parameters to set for the EMAD calculation

    • How to define alternative machine centers

    • Setting up the scheduling parameters (NEW - 2020-06)

    • Chapter 3 - Handout

    • Test your learning: 4 quick questions

  • 4

    04: Drilling down into the core concepts & functions

    • The (finite capacity) scheduling instruments

    • Production simulations

    • Calculating and working with earliest material availability

    • Chapter 4 - Handout

    • Update to production simulations: how create the simulations (NEW - 2020-06)

    • Update to production simulations: how to update the simulation (NEW - 2020-06)

    • Test your learning: 6 quick questions

  • 5

    05: Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    • 1x1: Integrating with Business Central standard manufacturing

    • Production journal: postings & consumptions

    • Reservations (on production orders)

  • 6

    06: Scheduling instruments - explained

    • Add all (NEW - 2020-06)

    • Fill idle times (NEW - 2020-06)

    • Test your learning: 2 quick questions

  • 7

    07: Day-to-day use cases

    • How to work with subcontracting work centers (NEW - 2020-06)

    • Take the last quizz and achieve your VAPS certification


CEO | Co-Ownwr

Martin Karlowitsch

I am Dr. Martin Karlowitsch, and I’m CEO and Co-Owner of NETRONIC Software. At NETRONIC, I am responsible for strategy, innovation, and go-to-market. I hold a PhD in business administration and took over NETRONIC early 2011 via a management buy-out from its founder. I consolidated the company and decided to build on the legacy and core competence of NETRONIC, which is visual scheduling. We managed the turn-around and started investing in the development of growth products in 2013. Since then we are profitably growing and visual scheduling extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of our three successful business areas.